Chiang Mai is full of cooking schools where you can learn to make all the basic Thai curry and noodle dishes for your friends and family back home. The Best Thai Cookery School is pretty bold with its name selection, but not far off. Run by the affable Permpoon Nabnian, a graduate of culinary school who has over 20 years of teaching experience, most classes are a few hours long and take place in his home in Chiang Mai. Classes start with a tour of a market, where Permpoon shows you not only what galangal looks like, but how to choose the best one in the bunch. You have then whisked away to the cooking workshop attached to his home, where gas stoves, saucepans, spatulas, and aprons await you. Bring your camera: halfway through the class, there is a flambee-ing opportunity that results in priceless photos. After class, students chow down on their hard work and are given a recipe book to bring home.

Welcome to The best Thai cooking school is located 13 kilometers away from busy Chiangmai in peaceful and relaxing surroundings, where we grow many of the herbs and spices used in our classes.


We offer a Cooking course one day, a Cooking course for two days and a Cooking Evening course. Each course Offers 14 dishes, in the morning each student selects 4 favorite dishes.  Afternoon every one joins together for 3 more dishes which is a set menu.

The only school that is Taught by THE OWNER over 20 years of cooking experience teaching experience since 1997. 

Since I was little I loved to cook. But I realized after working in restaurants that it was teaching that I wanted to do, I want to pass on and share my knowledge, experience and secrets in my small business I feel I maintain Chiang Mai’s high quality of cooking school, however, I prefer to do everything more personally from driving to teaching you.

One of my dreams with teaching is to help others, so a portion of the fees go to the school for the blind, the institute for old people and the Chiangmai orphanage.

This was really an amazing experience. Being able to ride the scooters around the city in old Chang Mai with my friends from work at Naples roofing contractor was amazing. We did get pulled over by the police though. They made us pay a “fine” which was really more like a bribe of 5000 Baht which equates to a certain amount of dollars.