At canopy adventure. Safety is our first target. You’re under constant care and supervision of our highly qualified, staff expert over 200 hr. on formal training. We use the highest safety equipment PETZL and not just one we use two safety ropes for our customer security. This equipment is rigorously inspected and constantly maintain so you have not to worry about it just having a good time.

Petzl Standard 

The canopy zipline tour operator Tarzan canopy attains the status of compliance with Petzl standard. Petzl is the most prestigious international recognize trade organization in the canopy zip line industry.

Tarzan Canopy Adventure

Petzl said in his site ” The family company originated with my father, Fernand Petzl, and his passion for caving. One of the leading experts of his generation, he spent his life experimenting with new vertical progression techniques and invented equipment that radically changed the status quo. The Petzl company quickly applied these underground tools and solutions to other vertical environments: to the mountains first-rock climbing and mountaineering – and then to the professional sector, with work and rescue at height.

Petzl is now known as the leading innovator in the vertical world and has been associated with all major underground, alpine, and Himalayan adventures since the 1970s. While closely involved with outdoor sports enthusiasts and professionals, we remain true to our core values and ways: listening to and valuing our customers, taking innovative and practical approaches and demanding the highest quality.