Did you ever wonder why brick houses are insanely popular? Bricks have long since been used in constructing houses because they offer a plethora of benefits. Bricks are long-lasting, easy to maintain, highly durable and they increase your property’s value. The best thing about bricks is unlike wood, they don’t decay and termites don’t feed on them. Maintenance isn’t a problem with brick houses as well. However, you still need to clean them from time to time to keep your home looking fresh and updated, especially when you have a brick floor, for this you need Roof Cleaning Company who can clean your roof like a new one.

Over time, grime, algae, moss, and dirt will discolor your bricks making your home look neglected and abandoned. Not to worry because pressure washing your bricks will remove all the dust and dirt away. Pressure washing is the solution to make your house look and feel like a home again.

How do you clean a home that’s made of bricks? The following is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to effectively and thoroughly clean your brick home to restore its former beauty.

Step 1: Patch Broken Mortar

Before you clean the bricks the first thing you need to do is to patch all broken and chipped mortar joints so that water cannot penetrate inside. This will prevent mold from thriving. Allocate seven days to give it time to harden. This is a very important step before you start pressure washing your bricks. Although cleanliness is your goal, you wouldn’t want to compromise the structural integrity of the bricks on the process of keeping your home clean, right? So don’t skip this step.

A Step By Step Guide To Power Washing A Brick Home

Step 2: Wet Your Bricks With A Pressure Washer

Completely wet the outer surface of your home. Wet the area before you apply soap. To ensure that all areas are evenly wet do pressure washing and start from the bottom going up. Following this motion will ensure that all the bricks are soaked evenly. read more about watering bricks at https://gharpedia.com/blog/bricks-soaked-in-water/

Step 3: Add The Detergent

The third step is to apply the detergent. Don’t just use any detergent; make sure you opt for the one that’s specifically manufactured for cleaning exterior siding and bricks. If you use the wrong detergent it will make your brick wall even dirtier because the dust will cling to the mortar. Give it time around five to ten minutes. The secret to effectively cleaning bricks is to use more soap and lesser pressure. Keep in mind that bricks and mortar are highly porous so you need to give it time for the bricks to absorb the soap and water. The detergent also helps loosen the dirt.

Step 4: Brush Away Stubborn Stains

If after pressure washing and applying detergent there are still stubborn stains left you’ll need to manually scrub them using a scrub brush. This is a more effective technique when it comes to dealing with stubborn stains.

Step 5: Rinse It Off

Last but not least, after the detergent has settled it’s time to rinse all the soapsuds off. Use the right pressure when cleaning your bricks. You don’t want to rinse it off with too much pressure as this can destroy your bricks.

There you have it, five simple steps to rejuvenate your home and make it look new again! Do this frequently as part of your maintenance.